LLM Students

The Master of Laws degree is strongly supported by the wide array of faculty affiliated with the Desautels Centre with expertise on legal topics in private enterprise and the law. These faculty members support the Masters of Laws (LLM) program by providing faculty supervision of graduate student thesis research. Coordinated and supervised by the Research Director, Desautels Graduate Research Assistantships further support LLM students in their academic pursuits.

The LLM is an advanced, research-intensive degree, which leads to a completion of a thesis. It is an ideal degree program for students wishing to deepen their legal knowledge and research skills, whether as a means of developing a specialty to enhance their legal practice or as a gateway to undertaking a career in research or policy work. Students from Canada and around the world come to Winnipeg to pursue an LLM in areas related to private enterprise and the law, and work under the supervision of law faculty members and the Desautel Research Director.

Many LLM program alumni have completed theses of particular relevance to the Desautels Centre community. These include ground-breaking research on private and commercial enterprise, including topics in FinTech and business financing, the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for business transactions, and developments in corporate restructuring practices among others. Theses are electronically stored through the University of Manitoba libraries.

In 2023, admission requirements for the Master of Laws degree were altered to better reflect the needs of the legal community and of potential graduate students. People holding a Juris Doctor degree, Bachelor of Laws degree, or a non-law degree in a relevant and adjacent field may be eligible to apply.


Mert Ozgur

Location: Paris, France

Thesis: “Initial Coin Offerings as Securities Offerings: A Comparison of Legal Approaches in the United States and France

“Through the LLM program I acquired in-depth knowledge in a financial law field I wasn’t familiar with in the beginning. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to deepen their expertise and hone their skills in legal research.”

Wuraola Dasylva

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Thesis: “An Examination of the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes in Canadian Mergers & Acquisitions Practice

“Graduate studies provided me with significant exposure to Canadian business law, alternative dispute resolution, and mergers and acquisitions. My LLM positioned me for success in business law practice, and I continue to benefit from the wealth of knowledge I acquired from professors at the Faculty of Law.”

Myles Davis

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thesis: “An Addition to Canada’s Insolvency Regime: Section 192 of the Canada Business Corporations Act

“The LLM program provides advanced legal research and writing skills as well as the opportunity to build strong connections with academic and legal practitioners. There are excellent financial and scholarly resources available and the professors and administration are committed to student success. Graduating with an LLM from the University of Manitoba ensures a diverse range of career opportunities in a competitive field”