JD Students

JD students interested in working with family firms, and other small and medium sized businesses that are private or closely held, are encouraged to consider incorporating the following courses into their degree plans to better help them prepare to assist such clients in practice. The courses suggested below encompass a range of issues that may become relevant to such clients, including Indigenous clients. A grounding in these topics will be invaluable for helping to resolve the challenges such clients may face, as well as taking advantage of their opportunities for growth and commercial success.

Students are encouraged to take one course (equivalent to three credit hours) from the list below:

  • LAW 3980: when titled “Indigenous Economic Development and the Law”
  • LAW 3310: Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
  • LAW 3980: when titled “Oral History, Indigenous Peoples, and the Law”
  • LAW 3030: Independent Research Paper (with approval of the Associate Dean (JD Program))

Students are encouraged to take any four courses (equivalent to 12 credit hours) from the list below:

  • LAW 2400: Wills & Succession
  • LAW 2490: Trusts
  • LAW 2640: Family Law
  • LAW 3012: International Business Law
  • LAW 3016: Corporations Law II
  • LAW 3022: Insurance Law
  • LAW 3050: Commercial Law
  • LAW 3330: Employment Law
  • LAW 3342: Agency and Partnerships
  • LAW 3348: Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • LAW 3394: Internet & E-Commerce Law
  • LAW 3450: Remedies
  • LAW 3510: Corporate Taxation
  • LAW 3770: Labour Management Relations
  • LAW 3980: when titled “Advanced Family Law”