Desautels Review

The Desautels Review is a new, peer-reviewed journal affiliated with the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law’s Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law.

The Mandate of the Desautels Review is to promote leading scholarship on the disciplines of law, business, and the humanities as they apply to family-controlled and other private enterprises. Our unique mandate of focusing on private enterprises, rather than public corporations, and a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding businesses, positions the Desautels as an innovative platform for critical analysis and discussion of business and law.

The Desautels Review aims to provide diverse and multi-faceted perspectives to the issues faced by private enterprises and their owners, based on the scholarship of academics, practitioners, and graduate students.

The Desautels Review is the 6th dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal, a peer reviewed, open access publication, founded in 1961.

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