The Review of Enterprise and Trade Law

The Review of Enterprise and Trade Law is the sixth dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal. In 2022 the Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law created the Desautels Review, a new, peer-reviewed journal.

The mandate of the Desautels Review was to promote leading scholarship on the disciplines of law, business, and the humanities as they apply to family-controlled and other private enterprises. The unique mandate of focusing on private enterprises, rather than public corporations, and a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding businesses, positions this law journal as an innovative platform for critical analysis and discussion of business and law. It published its first volume in fall 2022, as the Manitoba Law Journal’s Volume 45, Issue 2.

In 2023, the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law joined the Manitoba Law Journal as its Volume 45, Issue 3. Established in 2001, the Asper Review covers legal developments within public and private law, as well as relevant topics within economics and geo-politics. It advocated for academically sound works, accessible to the general public.

Commencing in 2023 – 2024, the Desautels Review and the Asper Review have joined forces to become the Business Law Trade Review.

Dimensions of the Manitoba Law Journal

  1. The Current Legal Landscape: developments in courts and tribunals;
  2. Underneath the Golden Boy: developments in legislation and on parliamentary and democratic reform;
  3. Robson Crim: examination of the social dimensions of criminal law;
  4. The Legal Profession: including histories of major developments and figures in Manitoba law, and the rapid evolution of legal practice;
  5. The Interdisciplinary Journal of Indigenous Inaakonigewin: uniting scholars, community leaders and artists who have an interest in Indigenous law and remedies for justice;
  6. The Review of Enterprise and Trade Law: previously known as the Asper Review and the Desautels Review. This merged journal focuses on developments in enterprise and trade law;
  7. Sports and the Law: developments in sports law

Manitoba Law Journal 45.2