Course Selection

Numerous offerings on Robson Hall course calendar contribute to a meaningful grounding in private enterprise & the law. Students hoping to specialize their education can choose from exciting options in three core areas of legal education: (I) doctrinal courses; (II) research and writing courses; and (III) experiential learnings.

Doctrinal Courses

Many “black letter” law courses offer foundational grounding in subjects pivotal to private enterprise and the law. By studying these courses, students will gain competencies in the subject matters fundamental for practicing in the space.

Research and Writing Courses

Many upper year seminar courses offer opportunities for students to develop specialties in specific private enterprise concepts. Diverse course offerings, including detailed exploration of corporate structures or modern technological advances, allow students to develop specific skill sets through concentrated research exercises and scholarly writings.

Experiential Learnings

Through opportunities like moot courts and clinics, students can build competencies in preparation for legal careers in exciting areas like entrepreneurship, start-ups, small business, and private enterprise and the law.